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    Jubilee Slivkoff
    Jubilee Slivkoff
    Assistant Project Manager
    United Arab Emirates
    LocalisationUnited Arab Emirates
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    03/2011 - Courant
    07/2008 - 06/2010
    •Liaised with multiple stakeholders including clients, subcontractors, procurement officers, and project management to provide vital flow of information on many fronts.•Coordinated the development of architectural mock-ups, including the tracking and monitoring of materials, drawings, and the client’s representative inspections and factory visits.•Ensured all relevant parties, including subcontractors and suppliers, met with their respective contractual deliverable dates and were coordinated within their respective scopes of work.•Represented company at stakeholders’ meetings.•Coordinated with client, architects, and construction staff to ensure client design requirements were incorporated into design drawings and built accordingly on site.•Oversaw procurement of FF&E and various finishes including flooring, sanitary ware, custom joinery, tiling, etc.•Responsible for materials submittals and approvals.•Supervised site activities and prioritized sequence of works.•Followed up with subcontractors to achieve completion of targets and quality standards for both routine and bespoke orders.•Managed stringent inspection regime mandated by client representatives and consultants, with more than 10,000 individual inspection points for large and complex building fit-outs.•Developed and implemented handover strategy and procedures.•Planned and conducted site audits to confirm that shop drawings and schedules reflected the installed works on site for current validity, and met with the specifications.•Performed initial inspection of works as QA/QC coordinator, then scheduled and attended multiple daily inspections with engineers and representatives of client, main contractor, and consultants to ensure works were satisfactorily completed within minimal tolerances.•Prioritized sequence of snagging works and coordinated with site supervisors and main contractor to ensure all works were completed in a targeted succession.
    07/2008 - 02/2009
    •Presented company to prospective clients.•Identified, targeted, pursued, tracked, and followed up business leads and upcoming projects.•Managed marketing strategies focusing on select target audiences including government entities and private corporations.•Generated project-specific submissions and presentations based on information gathered directly from the client, or from tender packages, drawings, and site visits.•Wrote press releases, intranet and internet communiqués, advertisements, company newsletters, and both persuasive and informative content for brochures and marketing material.•Responsible for procurement of branded gifts, content of presentations, and other branded material.•Compiled photographs for the media, wrote articles, and gave press releases during the grand openings of both Atlantis the Palm and the Museum of Islamic Arts, as well as for less media-hyped projects.•Organized corporate functions and attended networking and marketing events as company representative.•Tracked KPIs for Balanced Scorecard and coordinated CSR policy.•Performed site visits to audit potential subcontractor and suppliers in order to gather performance information during the tender process.•Compiled pre-qualification documents and coordinated tender packages with diverse subcontractors and clients.
    10/2004 - 05/2008
    Recognized for sales achievement with Top Tier and Pacesetter awards in 2005 and 2006.Provide high standards of customer service to a diverse customer base.Consult with customers and recommend products and techniques based on individual needs and specifications.Schedule appointments for events and pre-sell products for promotions.Maintain purchase and preference records to personalize customer
    09/1999 - 11/2003
    Analyzed confidential financial statements and interpreted and input information into detailed financial planning software. Incorporated financial planning techniques and tax law to arrive at accurate calculations on an individual basis. Coordinated multiple new and ongoing financial plans with multiple executives and financial advisors. Tracked status of current plans to fulfill NASD and RIA deadlines.Recommended possible approaches to achieve desired financial goals and implemented strategies to reach the most satisfactory solutions.Created and edited high-quality final presentations for accuracy and readability.
    07/1997 - 09/1999
    Managed daily office procedures in busy financial planning firm. Provided customer service directly to clients, and via telephone and written communication.Implemented and organized a multi-tasked and time-sensitive work flow for three financial advisors.Upheld and enforced compliance and confidentiality regulations. Processed applications and forms and analyzed confidential financial statements.Coordinated and supervised administration of weekly financial planning seminars. Interpreted and input information into industry-specific financial planning software.
    02/1996 - 07/1997
    Processed changes in life insurance policy types, amounts, and coverage benefits. Analyzed applications for accuracy and information and organized information and prioritized various stages of processing. Composed correspondence and provided customer service and account information to agents and policyholders. Performed detailed accounting entries involving numerous accounts. Completed and issued new and revised life insurance policies.
    08/1993 - 12/1994
    Coordinated sales of dental equipment between sales specialists, clients, manufacturer, and service technicians. Received incoming calls and provided extensive customer service in a variety of areas including receiving orders and providing account information. Processed and invoiced manufacturer repairs and approved invoices for payment. Provided back-up support to equipment, sales, and service departments as needed.
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