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    James Hutchins
    James Hutchins
    Retired Quality Engineer
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    12/2011 - Courant
    investigations, tourist coordination
    09/2011 - 12/2011
    hardware and software quality assurance.
    10/2010 - 04/2011
    Teaching conversational English to selected Thai students on Skype in several locations of Thailand. Utilized computer operations to assist students to refine and understand in depth their English language usage.
    10/2008 - 01/2009
    Conducted training in Quality Engineering and metric tracking for software development preparatory for SEI/CMMI© evaluations and EVM evaluations for project performance.
    06/1998 - 08/2008
    *As a QE working Supplier Quality Management, SQE, and Mission Assurance team member Used the Boeing Parametric Cost Evaluation Tool (PCET) to make time cost estimates on tasking efforts. The PCET is a function point counting/analysis tool.* Supplier Quality Management responsibilities for coordinating contractual Quality Software Process efforts for several Integrated Product Teams (IPT) efforts on multiple projects.* Mission Assurance team member responsible for writing desktop work instructions and developing accounting forms for activities in defect identification, tracking and resolution during technical and process reviews.* Software Quality Assurance Lead for individual project of the International Space Station (ISS).* In all positions for Software Quality Assurance, Configuration Management, Project Planning, and Data Management on Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) System IPT.* Ensured internal practices were updated, enforced, and preventative actions taken when necessary for maintenance of CMM/SEI Level 3 capability.* Review technical documentation for compliance to Statements of Work and internally imposed requirements.* Internal trainer in Boeing Anaheim SQA Philosophy and Techniques.
    02/1998 - 04/1998
    Developed training for personnel in broad range of QA functions in accordance with SEI/CMM key process areas.* Mentored writing of Quality Plan in accordance with CMM/SEI level 2 requirements.
    09/1997 - 02/1998
    * Monitor and track multiple projects, setting up lesson guides and lectures for management in training personnel for upward mobility. I made recommendations for proactive changes to command media to bring within ISO 9000-3 requirements.* Incorporated changes in areas of responsibility, always with management approval, to enhance the time management of assigned personnel.
    02/1988 - 07/1997
    * Develop and execute quality systems to support hardware and software development from preliminary engineering on the B2 Program. Devise and refine long/short term plans and corrective action processes to achieve contractual quality requirements and customer mandates for software / hardware development, testing and inspection.* Supervise operations to ensure quality is built in from conception during R&D, testing, evaluation, prototyping, and production. I was empowered by management to make independent critical decisions affecting quality or manufacturing processes.* Formulate TQM/CPI and Employee Empowerment processes to increase QA staff proficiency, improve quality and reduce costs. Supply in depth technical support to customer and Northrop teams throughout all program phases from R&D through manufacturing and testing to delivery.* Interactively set up, document and support software QA plans for ATE, TPS, STE and avionics labs as well as Integrated Logistics. I audited QA documentation, statements of work, and vendor quality systems to ensure efficient operations.* Applied proactive project management to anticipate, prevent, isolate, troubleshoot, and resolve issues that adversely impact safety, schedules, costs or customer satisfaction.* Represent Quality on multi-disciplined team. I worked shoulder to shoulder with design, software, test and electronic engineers and programmers as well as program management, customer representatives, Manufacturing Change Board, subcontractors and all affected departments. I supported procurement and quality alternative sources reducing escapes to control cost of quality.* Developed quality analysis tools, realistic performance metrics and effective inspection/testing processes. Authored lesson guides and training materials to education Configuration Management (CM), Data Management (DM), and Software Product Assurance personnel on all aspects of complying with ISO 9000 standards
    01/1986 - 01/1988
    * Built and led team responsible for design and support of control system for customer logistics engineering work efforts and data flow on B2. I analyzed correctness / completeness of calculations on failure mode engineering analyses, mean time to repair, and mean time before failure studies, failure reporting and corrective action systems.* Responsible for 200% increase in productivity, reduced costs, and accomplishment of program quality objectives.
    08/1986 - 09/1986
    * Formulated QA systems, procedures, test/inspection plans, work instructions, and corrective action systems complying with contracts for piezoelectric devices with commercial, defense, and industrial applications
    01/1985 - 01/1986
    * Hired, directed and provided focus to cross-functional engineering team tasked to evaluate contractors' quality programs for Strategic Defense Initiative and Tomahawk, Phoenix, HARM and TOW II missiles.* Devised, analyzed, and improved quality management programs, inspection criteria/plans, QA procedures, change documentation and corrective action processes. I provided technical input for multi-million dollar proposals. I participated in design reviews with all affected organizations and customer representatives.* Performed research, development, testing, and evaluation on advanced, classified laser weaponry technology used in "Brilliant BB" systems. Established priorities and tracked achievement of goals. Participated in review and refinement of software quality assurance systems and procedures per tight schedule constraints.* Recognized for being key player on QA team tasked to develop plans for hardware and software integral to tooling, manufacturing, maintainability, reliability, dimensional inspection and drafting/tolerancing conventions.
    12/1983 - 12/1984
    * Key player in cost effective and timely development of programmable automated testing equipment and systems used to conduct receiving inspection and testing of advanced thick/thin film hybrid IC chips supplied by vendors. Responsible for ensuring quality of chip programming and conformance to designed data processing parameters.
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