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    01/2008 - Courant
    Since 1993, IEEE North Jersey Section Education Committee has run programming, management and marketing courses to retrain electrical engineers. 282 members and non-members have successfully completed courses in C Programming, C++ Programming, Java Programming, Advanced Java Programming, Project Management, Marketing Research, and C# .NET Programming. Participants raved about these courses. George Sierchio taught two classes in Project Management. John Huang taught C#. I was the Instructor for all other classes. Since January 2008, I served as the Chair of Education Committee.Results/benefits: Many engineers and professionals were able to apply what they learn to their jobs, move to new jobs, or change fields. One landed a new job at Microsoft Corporation, another one at AT&T corporation in 2009. One student passed the PMP Certification Exam June 2011. Publication: 1. "Retraining Engineers for New Skills and Getting Jobs in a Modern World", in: "IEEE Meeting the Growing Demand for Engineers", at Munich, Germany, November 3, 2007, http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/Xplore/login.jsp?reload=true&url=http:/2Fieeexplore.ieee.org/iel5/4760334/4760335/04760384.pdf?arnumber=4760384&authDecision=-2032. “Learning a new programming language? Why not C# .NET programming?”, Information Technology Professional Conference (IEEE TCF Pro IT), Ewing, NJ, USA, ISBN: 978-1-4673-1646-0, June 30, 2012, http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/articleDetails.jsp?tp=&arnumber=6221130&contentType=Conference+Publications&queryText=2012+IEEE+IT+Professional+Conference+at+TCFOn August 19, 2011, the IEEE Region 1 Board of Governors acted to recognize Dr. Hsu's achievements in the field. This award, "Outstanding Teaching", honors individuals for leadership in advancing the continuing education of engineers and is presented to an individual based on the nomination of colleagues and as recommended by the Awards and Recognition Committee.
    07/2007 - Courant
    Taught MBA courses in Manhattan campus, part-time in: Channels Distribution, Consumer Behavior, Contract Procurement Management, Database Concept, Management Application of Information Technology, Marketing Management, Marketing Research, New Product Development, Project Management, Sales Management, and System Analysis Planning Control. Class size ranged from 5 to 27 people.All students are working adults, holding position in NYC area firms. There are international students from India, Japan, Thailand, and European countries. I enjoy teaching these courses in the eight-class format. Starting with the Terminal Course Objectives, Quiz was held at Week Three and Week Five, Paper/Project presentation was at Week Seven, and the written Final Exam was done at Week Eight. The curriculum is highly structured and well designed. Students enjoy too. They are able to apply theory to their daily work. Students evaluations have been good to excellent.Taught Introduction Database, Operation Strategy and Object Oriented Analysis Design, DeVry undergraduate classes at Long Island City and Paramus campus.Served on the textbook review team for MM 574 Channels Distribution, with Dr. Lin Stefurak, Senior Academic Specialist, University Academic Affairs. Published four papers 1. Case Studies in Contract and Procurement Management2. Case Studies in Marketing Management and Sales Management3. with Dr. Michael Hamlet, Case Studies in Global E-Commerce and Marketing Research.4. Case studies in New Product Development
    06/2005 - Courant
    Chinese American Scholars Association (CASA) was founded for academics, managers and professionals who shared the concerns of the Chinese American issues. CASA has been registered with the State of New York and Internal Revenue Service (IRS code Section 501 C-3), as a not-for-profit tax-exempt organization since 1989. In 2005, CASA board tackled global leadership issues by running the E-Leader conferences. Ethical leadership is the global standard today. Technology provides the new paradigm for training and learning, http://www.g-casa.com. E-Leader embraced entrepreneurship, ethics, e-commerce, e-learning. E-Leader provides a face-to-face forum for global experts to share teaching, research and real-life success stories in all disciplines. (1) at Bratislava, Slovakia on June 12-14, 2006(2) at Hong Kong, China on January 2-4, 2007(3) at Prague, Czech Republic on June 11-13, 2007(4) at Bangkok, Thailand on January 2-4, 2008(5) at Krakow, Poland on June 9-11, 2008(6) at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, January 5-7, 2009(7) at Tallinn, Estonia, June 7-9, 2009(8) at Singapore, January 4-6, 2010(9) at Budapest, Hungary, June 7-9, 2010(10) at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, January 3-5, 2011(11) at Zagreb, Croatia, June 6-8, 2011(12) at Manila, Philippines, January 2-4, 2012(13) at Berlin, Germany, June 4-6, 2012(14) at Singapore, January 2-4, 2013http://www.g-casa.comhttp://hou.topica.edu.vn/index.php/vi/tin-tuc-su-kien/tin-tuc/1300-cung-hoc-vien-topica-ban-cach-kiem-tien-thoi-khung-hoang http://academic.research.microsoft.com/Author/51548656/donald-k-hsuPlanning, web design, database marketing, finance, team work and leadership were incorporated to make E-Leader successful. CASA board members, officers, speakers and participants all raved about the E-leader conferences. CASA has 180 board members, from 40 countries including Czech Republic, Estonia, Iran, Japan, Germany, Nigeria, South Africa and UK.
    01/1992 - Courant
    I have been in charge of marketing, sales, business development, finance and many other facets of domestic and international business. Closed 200+ deals in construction, consulting, curriculum design, dotcom, food, electronics, grant proposals, human resource (head hunter), import/export (China, Canada, Europe, Singapore, USA, etc), logistics shipping, metals, procurement, real estate (NY and NJ), marketing research, software (programming, database), supply chain management, training, and start-up business plan advisement. Working closely with CEO, CFO or senior board members, I was able to accomplish these tasks with an excellent team of people that put to work immediately. Global finance: have hedge fund, private equity, venture capital and structure finance firms on board to handle non-conventional deals, or high technology deals: biomass, extreme engineering, green technology, mobile telecom network, specialty chemical, etc. Trust is the only true value of doing business. One hundred percent transparency and payment terms, have to be signed on day one. Otherwise it is a waste of time for every one.
    08/1988 - Courant
    Tenured Associate Professor, Division of Business AdministrationRedesigned curriculum in Management Information Systems and International Management.Director, Division of Business Administration, managed 7 full-time, 35 part-time MBA/PhD staff, 1990-1996Promoted programs at high schools, local firms and 69 foreign countries; taught 5300+ in 69 business, computer, finance, international, management, and marketing courses.Chaired Faculty Affairs Committee, served as a member on Committee on Instruction, Committee on Promotion Tenure, and many others.Published many papers, including:http://academic.research.microsoft.com/Author/4807349.aspxhttp://www.blogcatalog.com/search/frame?term=donald hsu dominican&id=02613bd84bb3c411043560cbffd9a2dc.
    08/1988 - Courant
    Tenured Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems, in the Division of Business AdministrationRedesigned curriculum in Management Information Systems and International Management.Director, Division of Business Administration, managed 7 full-time, 35 part-time MBA/PhD staff, 1990-1996Promoted programs at high schools, local firms and 72 foreign countries; taught 5,600+ in 69 business, computer, finance, international, management, and marketing courses.Chaired Faculty Affairs Committee, served as a member on Committee on Instruction, Committee on Promotion Tenure, and many others.Published many papers, listed with Microsoft Academic Research: http://academic.research.microsoft.com/Author/51548656/donald-k-hsuhttp://www.blogcatalog.com/search/frame?term=donald hsu dominican&id=02613bd84bb3c411043560cbffd9a2dc.
    04/1988 - 08/1988
    Designed curriculum and instruction manuals for courses in Assembly Language and C Programming Language. Taught three sections of C Programming Language to 20+ in-house Cobol programmers.Developed 18 courses, in three parts, over the two-year period, to train any clerk/secretary in DB Information Services to be a C Programmer or technical support staff.
    08/1983 - 05/1988
    Was the founding chair of Computer Science program. Started with a Certificate program for the completion of eight computer courses, then developed the Associate degree in Computer Science, and finally established the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program. Enrollment went from zero to 125 after five years. As a Chief Information Officer, I was involved in many grant proposals. As a project director or technical manager, I worked closely with faculty from Arts Science, Psychology, Nursing, and Teacher Education. Four grants totaled $300,000 were awarded from the Department of Education, State of New Jersey. Four computer teaching/learning labs were set up. One of them was a micro to mainframe link. It consisted of connecting 20 machines at Felician, to the mainframe computer of Saint Peter's College. Benefit: Students at Felician were able to use the mainframe facility of St. Peter's College without paying for a mainframe ($2 million USD).
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  • Parcours scolaire

    Activité externe: published 1. "A Review of Spectroscopic Information in the Visible and Ultraviolet Region for Diatomic Molecules of Astrophysical Interest", with Wm. Hayden Smith, in Spectroscopy Letters. 2. "Experimental Lifetimes, Franck-Condon Factors, and Vibrational and Rotational Oscillator Strengths", in Handbook of Spectroscopy, Volume III, CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida.These projects were research results under grants from National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).


    Activité externe: After all these years, one professor from Brazil, just asked me to provide the original data to him for his research. It is good that I still have them today 6/1/2010.


    Activité externe: Published a book, "Spectral Atlas of Nitrogen Dioxide", with David L. Monts and Dr. Richard N. Zare, Academic Press, New York, New York. This project was the result of a grant from National Science Foundations.

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