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    Clementine Salomon
    Clementine Salomon
    System administrator & Oracle DBA at Universite Lumiere Lyon 2
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    I wish I could find a job related to networks and Telecommunications where I could work in a multicultural team using the languages I speak: Engkish spanish and French.
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    10/2011 - Courant
    I work as a System Administrator working mainly with Linux and Vmware 5.0. DBA TASKS-> I manage OracleDatabases 10 an 11gR2. (around 15 databases)-> I created a template of a virtual Oracle Database server with DB template than can be deployed with dbca. -> work on migrations of our main databases from 10g version to 11gR2. -> migrated environments such as SAP from 10 to 11I reorganize our oracle Infrastructure, backups, replications, dumps etc.-> Basic Oracle administration and Tuning LINUX (Redhat 5 & 6)iptables, logrotate, server install, LVM...Backup: DataprotectorVMWare: Vcenter Vsphere 5.0
    02/2011 - Courant
    My job is to ensure the highest level of system availability for our clients on various enviromments: - Databases from 9 to 11 - high availability configuration (Dataguard, RAC) - Cold or Hot backup (rman)- increase database performance /solve problems - prevent issues by checking system parameters and follow evolution of databases on servers. - give advices to our clients on their infrastructure
    12/2008 - 03/2011
    Oracle DBA / System Administration ( mainly Linux) - contract ending in november 2010 *2 main applications managing human ressources and scholarship /students' life(admission, results, diplomas) had to be upgraded within this year in Université Lyon1 one of the biggest university in Lyon(34000 students & 5000 employees). Those application are based on Oracle Databases. I had to manage the Migration of the Oracle Databases from 9i to 10g i.e from a client-server to a Three-tier Architecture: - Installation and configuration of a server Linux Redhat 5.0 - Installation of Oracle 10g on this server. - Data importation from the previous server. - Installation of the software - configuration of the Application server both on Windows 2003 and Linux. - As those application have beetween 200 and 500 users I organized a meeting to inform users of the date of the migration and what would change. - I adapted the existing backup shell scripts to the new server. - I provided technical support to users after the migration*I also migrate 5 other databases from 9i to 10g.*I managed the daily cold backups and their storge on a LTO library, arranging or writing the backup shell scriptings.*setup of Oracle enterprise manager Grid control, to check my database performance*I installed Oracle streams to replicate one of our most critical database;*I worked on vmware (installed ESX, created new Virtual machines, realized Physical to virtual etc)
    09/2006 - 09/2007
    Development of additional functionalities for the University website. Adaptation of a Xiti marker (audience measurement tool) to dynamic pages in order to get better statistics on our visitors. Worked on a CMS migration developing JSP and PHP pages and applications and adapting CSS in order to keep W3C standards.
    04/2006 - 08/2006
    I was in charge of installing antivirus from a server (McAffee, Symantec, Trend Micro) on specific equipment running Windows servers. I also had to check if new equipment fullfilled the network security conditions with Nessus port scanner before authorizing it to be run on a VLAN.
    10/2005 - 04/2006
    First point of contact for infrastructure support for HP partners providing helpdesk services to HP clients. I had to ensure the operational availability of Network and Telephony for 11 HP helpdesks in Europe being the link between both partner’s technical/administrative people and technical support teams.
    07/2004 - 05/2005
    -Remote distribution of software with Marimba's distributing software system in the CREDIT AGRICOLE bank.- Support in a project of deployment of some modules of ERP PeopleSoft within the French National Railways company (SNCF)
    02/2004 - 07/2004
    Worked on the web portal of a radio. Creation of new elements such as a forum and enhancement of the back office. Studied how to get the web site adapted the site to the W3C’s Standard (CSS, XHTML).
    07/2003 - 10/2003
    Technician in the network support team on HP’s European Network - Evaluation and resolution of incidents with DNS, DHCP, TCP/IP, WAN routing, LAN equipment, Cisco Routers, Switches..
    08/2002 - 05/2003
    Network technical support agent in Apple’s Cork call centre.Provided technical support to French and English speaking customers and professionals about Mac OS 9 and X user and server. Hardware: Xserve Apple servers, Airport WiFi technology.
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