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  • Expériences professionnelles
    12/2010 - Courant
    In charge of a team of engineers responsible for the Apple TV platform and playback.
    11/2005 - 12/2010
    Manager of Sync Services group, responsible for the underlying framework used on Mac OS X for synchronization of information between Macs, PCs and devices, such as iPhones, iPads, PDAs and cellphones, and MobileMe, plus and file syncing using iDisk and Mobile Homes.
    04/2003 - 11/2005
    Azul built the first "Network Attached Processing" Java appliance targeted at the J2EE market: custom CPU, custom kernel & HotSpot Java Virtual Machine - massive SMP (up to 384 cores): http://www.azulsystems.comDesign and implementation of JVM-kernel system call interface, network and I/O interfaces. Implementation of said interfaces in system simulator/debugger (based on gdb). Design and implementation of user-level thread API, mutex and condition variables. Ported Hotspot OS-specific code to Azul OS system interface and Azul CPU architecture, including synchronization code. Port of J2SE to the Azul CPU/OS architecture, including port of JDK, AWT, X11 and Motif. Partial maintenance of ported libc. Implementation of POSIX-lite I/O layer atop our remote I/O mechanism. Wrote simple ELF symbol-to-address mapping code to emulate dynamic symbol lookup in a statically linked binary. Worked on user-level caching file system layer and reduction of memory footprint (thread stacks).
    02/1997 - 04/2003
    Senior Engineer on Mac OS X Java Virtual Machine. Responsible for JVM-OS layer and low-level primitives (locks, atomics). Performance analysis and tuning.Manager in WebObjects group. Responsible for framework, WebServer plugins (CGI adaptors) and deployment tools. Architected D.O. to TCP/IP transition.Manager of WebObjects Builder (GUI tool) group. Worked on performance of HTML tokenization.
    02/1996 - 01/1997
    Developed curriculum materials for OpenStep (now Cocoa) technologies, and for WebObjects (Application Server). Provided training programmes to enterprise class customers. Delivered courses to customers both on-site and off-site.Moved to Engineering position in WebObjects group January 1996.
    01/1993 - 01/1995
    Worked on front office trading systems, involving pricing of fixed income, swaps, derivatives and exotic instruments. CDOs were not my idea.
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  • Parcours scolaire
    1991 - 1992

    Worked on the LEP control system. Developed low-level system for controlling the accelerator magnets during ramp, coast and squeze.Developed prototype software for fine-tuning of beam angle at intersection points via feedback.

    1986 - 1991

    Worked primarily on ALEPH experiment Data Acquisition System (software, VAX, Real-time OS). Thesis was on measuring production cross-section of K0 mesons at 92GeV (LEP energies).

    Activité externe: Lots of skiing ...

    1983 - 1986

    Bsc was 1st class.

    Activité externe: Rugby, Department Student Rep 1984-85.

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