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    Alex Pacheco
    Alex Pacheco
    Advisory Board at Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
    Miami/Fort Lauderdale
    LocalisationMiami/Fort Lauderdale
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    12/2008 - Courant
    Our goal: Ending the Second Leading Cause of Animal Suffering and Death in the World: Animal Overpopulation. Ending this problem in our lifetime, and ending these sub-problems:The world-wide needless death of 55,000 people every year -- who die after being bitten by stray, diseased dogs infected with rabies. The loss of up to $8 billion in taxes yearly, spent by health departments in the U.S. alone, dealing with this.The world-wide violent killing of over one billion wild and domestic animals every year. Managing up to 9 million dogs/cats who are abandoned each year, and killing the 4 million who do not get adopted, in the U.S. alone.The often barbaric mass killings of hundreds of thousands of stray dogs in other countries each year. The global daily suffering from hunger, starvation, disease, infections and injuries, of up to 600 million stray dogs. Ending the number-one problem of the world's thousands of humane societies & shelters
    12/2000 - Courant
    Drawing on his 20 years at PETA, Pacheco works with All American Animals to help non-profits increase their effectiveness. History: As one of it's two co-founders, he played a key role in building PETA from inception to the point where it is well known enough that you can mail a letter from anywhere in the U.S. with only 'Peta' on it, with no street name, no city, no state, no zip code, and it will still get delivered. As Chairman for 20 years he also played a key role in: 1) Building the group to where out of 10,000 animal protection organizations with over 12 million members, PETA is tagged by The NYT as the "mover and shaker" of the movement; 2) Making the name part of the country's vernacular: it's been written into countless TV shows and movies from a hard hitting HBO Special to entire episodes of comedy series such as South Park. Also experienced in corporate expansion, brand development, web traffic growth, strategic marketing and development.
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