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    Clyde Sherman
    Clyde Sherman
    Worlds Best consultant in the WORLD
    Philadelphia, PA
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    Date de naissance02 Février 1962
    Ville de naissancePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
    LocalisationPhiladelphia, PA
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    Clyde Ashley Sherman is happy and encouraged to motivate his friends and family members in FACE BOOK and on the Internet to help heal yourself by getting this NEW Alkaline Ionized water system in your home today !...
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    05/2011 - Courant
    Great new Oils that help your body defeat different impresses nationally
    02/2011 - Courant
    I am currently responsible on a daily bases to provide educational instruction K to 12 in the Phila School Dist
    08/2010 - Courant
    Providing a healthy alternative to good water http://h2origin.com/clydesherman.This company provides a great natural water that I recommend to people to help them win over illness such as Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes..etc... Check out the link a watch the video presentation on Bottle water vs Kagen WATER... IT WILL BLOW YOU AWAY....
    10/2010 - 01/2012
    This company is designed to assist my clients in making connections to host of different industries, such as;Commodity Buyers and Sellers, Institutional Lenders, Hedge Funds,Private Lenders, Entertainment Content Holders, Film, TV, Music & Internet LIVE Streaming Distribution Channels and Studios, New Technology in Home Building, AIDS/HIV Treatments, Natural Herbal Health Care and Non for Profit fundraising. This company will provide the vehicle to allow me to be compensated for all these things :)
    09/2011 - 12/2011
    I worked as a substitute teacher for Charter schools in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas. I was capable of teaching grades k through 12
    01/2010 - 01/2011
    Financial Consulting
    04/2010 - 08/2010
    I was directly responsible on a daily bases to conduct one on one interviews with head of house holds and document that information on a report. I was a trouble shooter and was directed to assist other enumerators with difficult cases.
    12/2008 - 01/2010
    Marketing and Sales of New technology
    02/2000 - 01/2010
    I was the executive Assistant to Jamie Foxx the Actor, Musical artist and Comedian who won the Oscar, Golden Globes, Emmy, Grammy and the Peoples Choice Award. my last year with him. I was directly connected with John Salley, talk Show host, Actor, Retired NBA Basketball player with 5 Championship Rings, Jon Devins, one of the film producer of Blade I and II, Warren Holden in his Urban Icon company, Wallace Jackson of MindTaffy, my resident scratch code computer programming genius and Steve Neely, CEO of Herbal Hope Inc, a company with 100% herbal products that can "Literally" save you from any type of Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes just to name a few of there 12 different products...I have several Buyers and Sellers of different commodities, banking Instruments and Real Estate opportunities that I consult to on a daily bases. All these opportunities have been very successful and rewarding
    09/2001 - 04/2007
    I was the direct Lead Lab Assistant to Dr. Gary Randolph Davis research dealing with B.A.C.E. Biological Activated Cytokin Extract. This research specialized in a new ground breaking approach to deal with the AIDS Virus and other related illness. This position required me to travel to France and Africa to learn all the steps required to manufacture, test, and distribute this product. I was involved on a daily bases directly with Dr. Davis in and out of the Lab.
    03/1999 - 04/2005
    I was directly responsible on a daily bases to assist Jamie Foxx on his Television, Movies and Music businesses. My day consisted of coordinating and scheduling Jamie Foxx's calendar and interfacing with his Personal & Financial Managers, Film & Comedy Agents,Travel Agent, Limo Service, Publicist, Clothing Stylist, Barber, Personal Family members, Personal Trainer, Security, Chef and all of his friends. I had a great opportunity to meet and interface directly with many powerful and talented Directors, Producers,Writers,Managers, Agents, Publicist, Investors, Clothing line designers, Studio heads, Actors, Actresses, Music Performers, Comedians and Models. This job took me to all parts of the world like Australia , France, Mexico, Canada, New York, Texas, California, Atlanta, Washington DC, and Florida. I had the opportunity to join the Screen Actors Guild, SAG and I had credited roles in "Any Given Sunday, "Break Up Handbook", "Collateral", "Stealth", and "The Jamie Foxx Show"
    03/1994 - 10/1998
    The position involved daily management, providing status and bill of material allocations for three different Assembly Manufacturing Shops, PWB & Cable Harnessing Area, Plastic Shop, Gold Plate Shop, CNC X & Y Axis Machine Shop and Final Assembly. For this position a DOD Secret clearance was provide and my customer was the Navy & Air Force and Private sector. Our end products were GPS II Satilites and different defense weapons.
    03/1987 - 06/1994
    I was directly responsible for Electronic, PWB, Machine shope and final assembly for the MK21 Fuze contract to the United States Airforce and Navy. I provided and maintained status on a daily bases on the units as they traveled throughtout the manufacturing process.
    K thru 12th grades
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  • Parcours scolaire
    1980 - 1984

    Activité externe: Track & Field, College News Paper and Yearbook Reporter & Photographer,Member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. RHO Chapter Fall 81, JCSU Marching Band Member, Vice President of my Freshman Class

    N/C - 1984
    1976 - 1980

    Activité externe: Varsity Indoor and Out door Track, Soccer, Bowling, Wrestling,Chess Club, Year Book and News Paper Photographer

    N/C - 1980
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    Who's who in America College Students 1980 - 1984Life Insurance Agent Licensed in California

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    Chess,Ping Pong, Technology as it relates to computers, internet and satelities, The Earth, Human sexuality,Film Financing, Pool, Bowling, Challenging conversations and meeting all kinds of people..
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