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    I like to see myself as a creative concepter trying to make up new concepts involved with new media. I'm also able to develop my concepts because I'm acquainted with a lot of web-related languages.

    Off course I have a lot to learn but being...
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    2008 - Courant
    I'm the webdeveloper at ICT Zeelandia. My work ranges from developing simple small-business sites to intranets.
    2008 - Courant
    This non-profit foundation started in februari 2008 and came to me for a website. Because the foundation is non-profit and they have very little knowledge of the web I decided to do it non-profit too.
    2011 - Courant
    Front-end development.
    2010 - Courant
    Branding, Interaction Design and Technology
    Sound and music were my lovechilds in the new short movie "Papa's Weekend" made by Mark Lindenberg. I did the soundrecording during the making of the movie, and took care for the sounddesign and soundtrack afterwards.
    A short story about a strange and impossible relation between a teacher and student.

    Another short from Mark Lindenberg. I also composed the soundtrack for this movie. It's great fun to see the difference before and after adding the soundtrack.
    I was asked to support Mark Lindenbergs first short called "Bloedeigen Broer". We decided to drop real dialogues between the actors and make the film with music and a voice-over. It was a fun and interesting experiment which worked out great. "Bloedeigen Broer" won a prize for "Best Delta Short" at the "Film by the Sea Festival 2007".
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  • Parcours scolaire
    2002 - 2006

    Profiel: Cultuur & Maatschappij

  • Compétences professionnelles
    Marketing, Concepting, Drums, Keyboard, Film-scoring, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript
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    Chargement... Veuillez patienter...
  • Événements

    May 5th 2003 - Won a provincial talentscouting "Kunstbende" with my one-man-band =)

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