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    I have a PhD in Biological Engineering and Immunology, and about 8 years of post-doctoral experience, including (i) 5 years at the Georg-Speyer-Haus, Frankfurt, Germany, and (ii) 2 years in the group of David Klatzmann in Paris.
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    2005 - Courant
    I am currently working on european research & Development projects dealing with the design of "Virus-Like Particle"- or Peptide-based vaccine candidates against HIV-1, Flu as well as HCV. I am responsible for the molecular biology aspect, the design, cloning and validation of the expression pladsmids.
    I am also developing an innovative project by using and manipulating the innate Immunity and Complement alternative pathway activation directed towards the HIV-& viral membranes. As effector function, Properdin (the only positive regulator of Complement) is express under a recombinant multimeric soluble form, linked to an anchoring function (CD4 or a scFv anti-gp120) allowing to target specifically the viral surface, to form a "de novo" complement activation platform, leading to virolysis.
    I am actually searching for a way to get into contact with pharmaceutical companies susceptible to be interested by this very innovative project and promissive way of fighting against HIV infection.
    2012 - Courant
    2010 - Courant
    I currently do nothing.
    1900 - Courant
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    1987 - 1999
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