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    Tony Wain
    Tony Wain
    President & CEO at Maczin Resources Inc
    Calgary, Canada
    LocalitéCalgary, Canada
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    Mr. Wain has 30 years of international experience, starting his career with Phillips Petroleum in the UKNS before working in West Africa and S.E. Asia for several companies including Elf Gabon, Elf Indonesia, Enterprise Oil plc, Bow Valley (Asia)...
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    2009 - Courant
    Maczin Resources is a private "seed" NewCo, set up to act both as a consultancy vehicle and to investigate new business opportunities in W. Africa and S.E. Asia; continue to provide consultancy services to Strategic Oil & Gas Ltd., on an "as needs" basis
    2007 - 2009
    Primary founder of ZinMac Inc., a private Oil and Gas entity, based in Calgary Alberta, Canada, and acted as its CEO until ZinMac?s acquisition by Strategic Oil & Gas Ltd., on 12th March 2009. ZinMac's business practice was to use innovative 3D modelling technology and geostatistical methods as leverage over peer competitors, and the ZinMac team comprised several experts in these emerging fields, giving it significant competitive advantage. "During this period, I headed a team of geo-modelling specialists, and created several business opportunities in W. Canada, and Gabon, W. Africa, resulting in two signed, farm-in agreements, one in W. Canada and the other in Gabon (the latter only failing because of the global financial meltdown). In addition, ZinMac participated in the evaluation of a "supergiant" field development project, in Iraq which brought in significant consulting revenue". Projects Worked on: INTERNATIONAL - Kiarsenny PSC, Gabon W. Africa; E. Baghdad Field, Iraq; Mae Soon Field, Fang Basin, Thailand; Geisum area, Gulf of Suez, Egypt. W. CANADA - Maxhamish Field (oil leg), N.E. British Columbia
    2002 - 2007
    During this period was increasingly involved in the evaluation of partially developed, large to gaint oilfields (e.g. Iraq, Sudan). In 2001 took a sabbatical to study "geostatistics" in France. Thereafter, returned to become a member of Talisman Energy's Technical Specialists Group, providing reservoir modelling and geostatistical expertise to various corporate business units. Primary software use was "Petrel" (Schlumberger) for geocellular modelling, and "Isatis" (Geovariances) for geostatistical modelling and analysis. INTERNATIONAL: Trinidad - Kairi & Canteen Fields; Algeria - EMK (El Merk) and Ourhood Fields; Indonesia - Tanjung Raya Gabon - Kiarsenny Marin PSC (farm-in opportunity) W. CANADA: Acme (Irricana) Field*; Evesham Field; Turner Valley Field *(Note: on the basis of gestatistical modelling and modern multi-frac drilling techniques, production has been increased from 4,500 BOPD)
    1996 - 2001
    Assigned to Talisman's corporate HQ as a regional explorationist in the International Exploration Group: MIDDLE EAST & CENTRAL ASIA: Iraq - East Baghdad Field, Hamrin Field, Subba and Luhais Fields; Azerbaijan - GAC Fields, development & exploration farm-in opportunity AFRICA: Sudan- Bamboo Field (Viscous Oil Study), Unity & Heglig Fields; Cote d'Ivoire - Evaluation of offshore assets including the Espoir Field. N. AFRICA: Algeria - Block 438, Block 405; Tunisia - Medjerda (Basin) Permit S.E. ASIA: Indonesia - S.E. Sumatra & Offshore N.W. Java PSC?s; Madura Straits PSC (offshore); S. Sumatra - Corridor PSC, Tanjung Jabung PSC, Ogan Komering JOB; N. Sumatra - Langsa JOB AUSTRALIA: Carnarvon Basin (WA246P); Farm-ins TP12/EP398; WA214P; TP6 & TL2; Novus Asset Sale; W. Barrow Basin ? WA98-25 to 30; Bonaparte Basin - WA97 1 to 7. New Zealand - Taranaki Basin (PEP 38712)
    1994 - 1996
    Talisman Energy acquired Bow Valley Industries and it's affiliates, including Bow Valley (Asia) Ltd., in mid-1994; continued in the same role for Talisman in Jakarta. Corridor PSC - Riviewed exploration prospects and developemnt locations in the Asamera operated Corridor Block. Reserves mapping and petrophysical evaluation of multi-Tcf, gas discoveries in fractured granites (Dayung & Sumpal) S. Sumatra Gas Study - Evaluation of gas reserves throughout S. Sumatra Teso/Cenako PSC?s - Post-drill evaluation; technical paper & poster presented at IPA Convention (1995).
    1989 - 1994
    New Venture Study Group focussed on W. Indonesia; primarily Sumatra - Teso/Cenako PSC?s (central Sumatra) were identified as potentially prospective and were signed Sep ?91; Teso/Cenako: Field survey & exploration drilling. New "mature" sub-basin identified. Four (4) slim hole exploration wells drilled; one with interesting live shows, and untested updip potential. The field studies documented a previously unknown Pematang half-graben which is now recognised as the ?type section? for this regional source rock. Field localites are now intregrated into IPA industry field training courses. Corridor PSC (36% W.I.) ? 1992 onward, operations monitoring. Tanjung Raya (JOB) ? Exploration support studies to ongoing EOR project
    1989 - 1989
    Halmahera, N. Moluccas ? Field Survey: "Dream Job" carrying out field geology, sampling and mapping in largely uncharted territory on a remote island in eastern Indonesia; worked in collaboration with the Geological Research and Development Council of Indonesia (GRDC). Presented results and final report to a joint study consortium. Results were integrated with an offshore 2D seismic programme.
    1988 - 1989
    Position: Consultant Geologist carrying out field exploration for coal reserves in Bengkulu, S. Sumatra as per previous. Preparation of core drilling contracts; hiring & mentorship of national staff; selection of replacement "expat" suprevisory geologist.
    1987 - 1988
    Approached by ex-ELF Gabon contacts to carry out field studies and regional synthesis studies in East Kalimantan. Position: Consultant geologist based in Balikpapan & Jakarta Ritan PSC, Kalimantan - Field Survey: calibration of seismic; maturity studies; geologic synthesis. Final report to JV partners. Relinquisment reports to government Q1?89. IPA Paper 1989
    1986 - 1987
    Following "oil price crash" of '86 turned my hand to field geologic studies in hilly, jungle terrain for coal reserves in South Sumatra. Survived close encounter with a tiger. Bengkulu, S. Sumatra ? Field Survey for Contract coal-mining operations. Three potential open cut mine sites identified; reserves 2MM Tonnes
    1985 - 1986
    "Poached" by ex-PPCo group to conduct field exploration studies in Indonesia. Adang PSC, Kalimantan - Field surveys, core-hole drill programme for seismic calibration and maturity studies. Wellsite
    1981 - 1985
    On the basis of experience with deep water clastic reservoirs (DWC's) in the UKNS was hired by Elf to work on syn-rift, pre-salt, lacustrine reservoirs in Gabon. M?Bya Field Production License (1981-1983) ? Field development & geological synthesis of Pre-Salt, DWC lacustrine reservoirs. Final report submitted. Cashimba PSC (1983-1984) - Gamba Sand regional study; part of a co-ordinated team effort that led to discovery of the giant Rabi-Kounga field Esterias (aka Kiarsenny) Permit (1984) - Seismic stratigraphy: ?post-Aptian? in N. Gabon. Identified a large Senonian basin floor fan prospect with potential for over 200 MMBO rec. This prospect ?Second Souffle? remains undrilled; 3D seismic currently being acquired (Q4 2009).
    1977 - 1981
    UKNS, S. VIKING GRABEN: Toni, Thelma & Tiffany Fields ? regional exploration, field apprasial & wellsite. S.E. Thelma: worked up & proposed 16/17-12; tested at 11,499 BOPD; the highest flow rate in block 16/17 MAUREEN FIELD: Appraisal & commerciality.Well site & petrophysical evaluation for the final appraisal well, 16/29-5 7th ROUND: Prepared report for submission to DOE (16/7b and 16/8b); received PPCo's highest ranking. Unfortunately, PPCo declined the DOE's proposed well commitment and the block was awarded to BP who subsequently discovered the giant Miller Field in the recommended blocks. W. IRELAND (offshore) - Porcupine Sea Bight Basin; wellsite on wildcat 35/8-1. Recovered the first oil-bearing core in the basin. SPECIAL PROJECTS/STUDIES GROUP: Team Leader; regional and special core studies in the UKNS area.
    1975 - 1976
    Data Processing Division - UK onshore, National Coal Board data
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  • Parcours scolaire
    2004 - 2004

    CPAG Topics: Models of heterogeneity and uncertainty in modern resource/reserve evaluation; geostatistical concepts and tools; simulation & uncertainty management concepts.

    2001 - 2002

    CFSG Topics: Linear geostatistics: Exploratory data analysis; global and local estimation of in-situ resources; survey design; homogenisation stockpiles. Computer application (ISATIS) on mining data. Multivariate geostatistics: Polymetallic orebodies. Non-stationnary geostatistics: global / local tends. Non-linear geostatistics: Estimation of recoverable reserves. Simulations: Small scale variability; digital orebody models

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