• Expériences professionnelles
    1997 - Courant
    2013 - Courant
    At a senior level, develops sustainable, repeatable and quantifiable business process improvements. Analyzes and measures the effectiveness of existing business processes. Researches and utilizes knowledge of best business practices within and outside the organization to establish benchmark data and develop recommendations for process improvement. Collects and analyzes process data to initiate, develop and recommend business practices and procedures that focus on enhanced safety, increased productivity and reduced cost. Typically works on processes that affect entire business units or are used company-wide. Processes may include external vendors and customers or other stakeholders. This position utilizes in-depth knowledge of best practices and experience in own discipline to provide and improve services. Takes a new perspective to solve complex problems. May direct the work of other staff members.
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    • Jack Phipps
    • Mark Skrabacz
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