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    A credit professional with expertise in risk management, underwriting, and high volume processing centers. Extensive experience managing scorecard implementations and the development and monitoring of credit policies and procedures. Exceptional...
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    2009 - 2010
    Contractor to leading global service consulting firm that provides, independent and authoritative studies, strategic advice, and objective expert testimony to financial institutions. Evaluate underwriting processes and procedures for leading financial companies. Review credit facilities for compliance with internal policies and regulatory best practice. Assess effectiveness of established underwriting and behavioral scorecards. Provide strategic advice regarding credit risk management, monitoring, measurement, and control.
    2003 - 2009
    Credit Risk Manager within the Risk Review Group for a large issuer of business credit cards with receivables in excess of $5 billion and open lines in excess of $16 billion. The Risk Review group, reporting directly to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors serves as an independent group that assists management in identifying and mitigating credit risk and credit-related process risk through the review of business units, processes, policies, and procedures.• Assess the quality of credit decisions, determining the effectiveness of portfolio management and problem loan identification, and validate the integrity of corporate risk rating and adequacy of loss estimates.• Review individual accounts, portfolio segments, and existing processes, identify and recommend policy and procedural changes.• Produce independent monthly Allowance Adequacy Backtest and quarterly Credit Risk Update report examining and commenting on various key portfolio indicators and trends.• Monitor account management initiatives process including programs such as Balance Build, Spend Stimulation, and Credit Line Increases.• Present and discuss issues with business units in an effective and balanced manner and work with management in developing reasonable and achievable action plans for the implementation of agreed upon changes.• Participate in special projects such as due diligence, consulting reviews, and troubled account review.• Participate in the preparation and presentation of material to appropriate regulatory agencies as required for annual Safety and Soundness examinations as well as additional requests throughout the year.
    2000 - 2002
    Managing a department of twenty-five, responsible for the direct lending department of a major U.S. regional bank with more than 500 branches and assets in excess of $38 billion. Products offered include Home Equity Lines of Credit, Home Equity Loans, Direct Automobile loans, Personal Unsecured Lines of Credit, Personal Unsecured Loans, and CD Secured loans with total balances exceeding $3.7 billion.• Develop and implement credit policies and procedures and corporate underwriting guidelines, maintain Corporate Direct Lending Policies and Procedures manual.• Reengineered the underwriting function, reducing turnaround time by almost thirty percent and increasing processing capacity by more than ten percent without the need for additional resources.• Directed Underwriting teams responsible for due diligence processes in the purchase of mortgage portfolios with regard to published underwriting guidelines, fraud review, and meeting corporate financial goals.• Developed and implemented underwriter review process to assure proper system function, application of published guidelines, and to provide feedback to senior management.• Manager of project team for the development and implementation of a new automated loan originations system, evaluating system functionality, and vendor qualifications.• Assisted in the development and implementation of a Customer Advocacy Group designed to increase closing ratios by providing personal branch support and direct customer contact.
    1995 - 2000
    Administration of credit policies and procedures, credit scoring, analysis, strategy development and implementation for a portfolio of consumer loans and lines with total balances in excess of $20 billion.• Determined credit policies and procedures and adjustments to policies based on portfolio delinquency levels to align performance with corporate standards with regard to credit risk and profitability.• Developed, tested, and implemented automated collection strategies to provide for the most cost-effective use of bank resources and provided ongoing evaluation of strategy effectiveness.• Produced monthly reporting on application volumes, credit score distribution, and delinquency levels.• Coordinated risk evaluation and policy reviews with respect to aligning products and procedures credit risk exposure across geographic areas within the bank.• Performed validations of credit scorecards to verify continued scorecard performance and rank ordering of risk.• Managed the complete process for the development and implementation of revised front end and behavioral scorecards, coordinating the communication between vendors, systems groups, and related operational areas.• Administration of application and behavioral scorecards including analysis of monitoring reports, vintage analysis, and periodic scorecard audits.• Coordinated risk management and marketing groups with respect to credit solicitation and management programs including credit bureau prescreen criteria, credit score cutoffs, and credit line assignment and management.• Established credit criteria for categorizing applicants by risk levels for the direct automobile loan risk-based pricing program.
    1984 - 1995
    Responsible for the development and overall administration of a company wide credit risk management program to control the financial exposure on six retail credit card portfolios of approximately 25 million charge accounts and $3.5 billion in proprietary credit sales.• Project director for the implementation and ongoing operations of a cobranded Visa credit card product.• Outlined a Champion/Challenger system to allow testing of new portfolio management strategies on a small, random sample of accounts.• Managed the development and implementation of new credit application scoring routines providing for the evaluation of applications for charge accounts based on geographic regions and credit bureau variables.• Developed a system for measuring the ultimate profitability of individual accounts or groups of accounts for use in evaluating the success of various credit promotion programs and policies, as well as the effect of any changes made to policies and procedures.• Determined specifications for scorecard monitoring reports including population stability, characteristic and vintage analysis. Developed a portfolio analysis report that provided vintage portfolio performance data by more than twenty variables.• Provided for the review and analysis of reports as necessary to assure portfolio risk performance is consistent with business objectives.• Updated behavioral scoring models, integrating them with credit bureau risk scores, arriving at an overall risk rating for each account. This allowed for easier management of credit guidelines and simplified system tables. This also provides for a more direct analysis of results.• Negotiated pricing structures with credit bureaus that resulted in an annual credit bureau expense saving of approximately 30%.• Responsible for an annual budget in excess of $1.5 million.
    1989 - 1991
    Group Manager, New Accounts (1989-1991)Managed a department that processed approximately three million credit applications annually.• Coordinated the installation of a new automated credit application processing system, which contained more than fifty enhancements over the old system. These enhancements improved data entry productivity by more than 50%, reduced the average talk time on an instant credit telephone call by more than 20%, and reduced the input error rate by more than 35%.• Designed an application fraud and duplicate detection system that identified questionable applications and allowed for additional review prior to approving the application, resulting in significant fraud expense avoidance.• Outlined a third party interface for on-line verification of residential information provided by credit card applicants.• Managed a staff of more than one hundred Associates and a budget in excess of $4 million
    1984 - 1989
    Administered proprietary credit operations in $700M retail chain: New Accounts, Credit Promotion, Credit Authorization, Customer Service, Fraud Prevention, Returned Checks, Card Production, and Statement Mailing.
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    Credit, credit risk, risk, risk management, credit scoring, underwriting, credit card, portfolio management, due dilligence, credit policy, loan origination, strategy development, new accounts, consumer credit
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