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    Krishna Kumar
    Krishna Kumar
    Button Mushroom Farming at Sugam Mushroom Farm
    Kakinada, India
    LocalitéKakinada, India
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    2008 - Courant
    Capacity of 15000 M2 Cropping Area.Fully Atomized Farm.First Fully Mechanized Farm In India.Bed System Farm.
    1987 - 2008
    a). Teagans Agro Farms – Button Mushrooms – Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India. Consultant - (June ‘2007 to Feb ‘2008) Growing Mushrooms with Natural Climate in a Hill Station.b). Premier Mushroom Farm – Button Mushrooms – Hyderabad, Andra Pradesh, India. Manager Production - (Dec ‘1998 to June ‘2007) Capacity of 27200 M2 Cropping Area. Fully Automized farm. Bed System Farm. India’s No. 1 Domestic Fresh Mushroom Sales farm. South India’s First Profitable farm.c). Saptharishi Agro Industries – Button Mushrooms – Chengal pet, Tamil Nadu, India. Senior Grower – (June ‘1994 to Dec’1998) India’s 1 st Plains farm. Capacity of 22300 M2 Cropping Area. Fully Automized farm. Bag System Farm. d). MIMA Mushroom Farm – Oyster Mushrooms- Andi patty, Tamilnadu, India. In-Charge – (July ‘1991 to June ‘1994) Madurai Multi Purpose Social Service Society- (MMSSS ). Run by Roman Catholic Arch Bishop, Madurai,Tamil Nadu, India. Served for Sri Lanka Repatriates Welfare. e). Sashi Farms – Oyster Mushrooms – Periya Kulam, Tamil Nadu, India. Trainee Cum farm In-Charge – (June ‘1987 to July ‘1991) Owned by Brother. Biggest farm in Tamil Nadu in a year 1987. Rich and Richest Persons are our Valuable Customers of the 200 Kms surrounding areas of SASHI Farm in a year of 1987– Mushrooms are Having Very Low fat and Rich amino Acids-Good for Sugar, Blood Pressure, Heart attack, Cholesterol and Fatty persons.
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