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    2010 - Courant
    Investigates complaints which may vary from minor rule violations to serious misconduct, including criminal activity. Conducts all investigations in compliance with the Standard Operating Procedures of the Office of Professional Review. Conducts interviews of complainants, victims, witnesses, accused Cook County Sheriff’s Office employees, contract employees or civilians identified as subjects in Office of Professional Review investigations. Obtains and reviews all relevant records from within the Cook County Sheriff’s Office. Obtains and reviews other relevant records, to include, but not limited to, police reports, hospital records and employment records. Obtains and reviews any relevant video and/or audio recordings. Manages evidence security by ensuring chain of custody, creating and maintaining evidence logs, monitoring evidence storage, transporting evidence and ensuring proper disposal of evidence and contraband. Prepares typewritten documents and reports; submits completed and accurate summary reports of the investigation. Provides sworn testimony before the Cook County Sheriff’s Merit Board, as well as other recognized administrative, civil and criminal courts. Delivers subpoenas whenever the situation requires, such as the summoning of evidence and the calling of persons to appear in court.
    2000 - Courant
    Duties: Human Resources Specialist for a battalion level organization. Coordinated the training and professional development of Officer and Enlisted personnel. Managed training records for more than 60 personnel. Researched military directives, policies and procedures to ensure regulation compliance with regard to training activities. Developed refresher training curriculum for annual mandatory training. Conducted annual training presentations on the subjects of Equal Opportunity, Diversity, Operational Security, Information Security, Media Relations, Safety, Personnel Security, Subversion Sabotage and Espionage against the United States Army. Granted, and pocesse current SECRET level clearance.Served as liaison to the Battalion Commander and Higher Headquarters. Managed personnel strength reports and vacancy database to determine staffing needs. Conducted initial interview of incoming military personnel, and arranged follow on interviews with Battalion Commander. Reviewed all personnel records, reassignment orders, training documents, pay documents and pending personnel actions. Managed sponsorship initiative and constructed welcome letters, to newly assigned military personnel and there families. Resolved payroll discrepancies. Managed the military personnel evaluations system. Produced transfer, reassignment, and travel orders for permanent and temporary duty assignments.
    2009 - 2010
    Interviews potential charging parties, informs them of their administrative and legal rights and responsibilities under the laws enforced by the Commission, and conducts preliminary review of information gathered to determine whether the Commission has jurisdiction. Drafts charges and complaints for review and approval of supervisor and takes affidavits of charging parties/complaints, as appropriate. Analyzes segments of routine, complex cases assigned for investigation. Studies assigned material pertinent to the case and, while working independently, drafts a written plan identifying the bases and issues involved, the applicable theories of law, the scope of the investigation, potential sources of evidence, and the types of evidence required, and investigative techniques to be employed.
    2007 - 2010
    Coordinate department employee attendance at Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Basic Training and other training courses including but not limited to registration, travel logistics, expense reimbursement, and completion certification. Identify training needs and arrange training, including venue, schedule and presenter. Develop, organize, coordinate, and implement in-house training programs, including interactive media, for all department employees. Evaluates effectiveness of training provided to sworn and non-sworn personnel. Acts as liaison between the police department and Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board (ILETSB) certified training academies. Administers applicant fitness testing. Assist in the development of short and long term training goals, policies and procedures; gather, interpret, and prepare data for studies, reports and recommendations; coordinate department training activities. Communicate official training plans, policies and procedures to department personnel. Issue written and oral instructions; assign duties and examine work for exactness, neatness, and conformance to policies and procedures. Assure compliance with established policies and procedures. Maintain liaison with other departments as well as state, local, and other public entities. Assists department subject matter experts in the development of course outlines and presentation materials. Identify research and recommend appropriate training equipment and technology. Instruct department trainers in adult learning theories and presentation techniques. Research and write department training bulletins. Advise command staff on training trends and potential training liabilities. Monitor actual costs versus budget; report and explain variances. Establish and maintain liaison with other agencies and private employers to develop training sources. Represent department at county and state training meetings.
    2004 - 2006
    Duties: Recruits and retains qualified soldiers for entry into the Army National Guard in accordance with applicable regulations. Supervises recruiting and retention activities. Maintained contacts within the community and may traveled considerably, often to college campuses, to search for promising job applicants. Screen, interview, and occasionally test applicants. Check references and extend job offers. Thoroughly familiar with the organization and its human resources policies in order to discuss wages, working conditions, and promotional opportunities with prospective employees. Also informed employees about equal employment opportunity (EEO) and affirmative action guidelines and laws, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act. Developed a state marketing plan. Prepares and advertising budget. Determines regulatory requirements for advertising. Writes recruiting and retention advertising copy and script. Assists in making decisions based on a variety of information sources, personnel, and command requirements. Initiates and prepares correspondence or messages to other organizations, both military and civilian, and individuals in response to requests for information, policy or guidance. Assists in coordinating word processing activities supporting the recruiting activity. Interprets regulations for individuals, recruiters, and other personnel. Counsels individuals on personal and family member affairs, financial matters, and career considerations. Prepared and conducted the dispensing of customer services to include assisting recruiting personnel with the inter-office appointment system, the soldier recruitment suspense program, and the management of the Recruitment/Lead System.
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