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    Owner at Artsupply.nl(Self-employed)
    visual artist at Self-employed
    teacher Faculty of Visual Arts and Design The Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU)
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    Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) is one of the largest institutes of higher education for art and culture in Europe. The school consists of 5 faculties, which together offer more than 50 courses.
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    Jean-Marie van Staveren currently teaches at the HKU-Utrecht of the Arts where she also finished her studies.As an artist she is part of the Art Association st Lucas (1880) in Amsterdam and Kunstliefde(1807). Her work has been exposed in many exhibitions. In 1999 Jean-Marie was awarded the B.J.Kerkhofprice for her complete "oeuvre". Her work has won public tenders and became part of many company and private art-collections. Invited by the Foundation Knecht-Drenth, van Staveren staid in Spain for 3 Month over a period of 2 years. Work from that period was exhibited in Madrid during the Premio de Pintura. In 2000 van Staveren was nominated for the ArtOlive Art award 2000.

    Activité externe: teacher at the HKU-Utrecht of the Arts

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    Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA)
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    the B.J.Kerkhofprice for her complete "oeuvre"

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