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    My goal is to pursue a Master's Degree in Information Security.

    I've done everything from PC Repair to web development to legacy Unix system administration to the "wonderful world" of Windows AD administration... and a few in-between! I...
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    2010 - Courant
    I make awesome tools that people love using. I also pride myself in impeccable Javascript and greatly above-average PHP. Occasionally, I am known to make random noises.
    2010 - Courant
    It's not my first week anymore, but rest assured, I shall be updating. For now, just know that I make lots of awesome in PHP and jQuery.
    2008 - 2010
    - Project management of web applications involving feature-rich functionality- Implementation of design patterns, OOP and UML diagrams in creating robust but flexible web applications- Advanced CMS development utilizing PHP OOP and optimized MySQL backend databases- Utilizing MVC structures for flexible and reusable database-driven web applications- Universal UI enhancement and Web 2.0 AJAX implementations using a combination of jQuery and/or Javascript- Mobile web development with mobile XHTML, according to W3C mobile browser standards and utilizing mobile browser detection- Web layout design and coding utilizing Photoshop and CSS- Facebook Page customization, custom Facebook applications (utilizing Facebook API) and Facebook ad campaign management- Twitter API, Delicious API, YouTube API and Flickr API development utilizing jQuery and JSON- Implementing web front-end optimizations using XML and XSLT/XPath, PHP templating engines (Smarty) and custom MVC structures
    2007 - 2008
    - Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory domain- Maintaining a Sharepoint 2007 Server on a standalone 2003 server- Originating hardware testing methodologies using networked DOS environments and Windows NT Server- Developing VB.Net / C# and ASP.Net / PHP (using IIS6, IIS7, and Apache) reporting solutions and paperless office applications for HR and production support
    2006 - 2007
    - Maintained Windows Server 2003 Active Directory domain- Maintained Red Hat ES4 Terminal Server with thin clients- Administered Legacy SCO Unix production server- Constructed various reporting solutions and legacy database integration solutions in VB.Net, using classic ADO and ADO.Net
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    Web -- PHP, MySQL, Javascript / JQuery, CSS, Social Media, SEO / SEMNetwork -- Windows (Server 2003 / XP / Vista, NT Server 4), Linux (Red Hat ES4, Gentoo, Debian / Ubuntu, Arch), Unix (SCO Unix, FreeBSD)Virtualization -- VMWare and Virtualbox
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    Chargement... Veuillez patienter...
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    Getting told I'm awesome on a daily basis at the job.

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