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    Elizabeth Thompson
    Elizabeth Thompson
    Technical Information Manager at Roxar
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    2007 - 2010
    Organising training portfolio and content for Roxar software and supplying technical information on software and geology to various internal sites and external publications to promote our software and activities, help our own staff and clients stay up to date and ensure that exciting new developments get some attention.
    2005 - 2007
    Responsible for the usability and functionality of our fractured reservoir modelling tools, developing its workflows and promoting its use. Also worked with all Roxar structural modelling tools, to ensure reliability and quality and with Roxar personnel to ensure high levels of familiarity and competency.
    1999 - 2005
    Expert user of Midland Valley restoration and fracture modelling software and responsible for business development of the Scandinavian portfolio of clients. Senior consultant, particularly in the areas of fractured reservoir modelling and in the designing and staging of workshops to assess or re-assess individual fields or problems. These workshops aimed to assist the client to compile a comprehensive understanding of the problem and define a program for tackling issues identified thereby, with the focus on structural analysis and modelling.
    1991 - 1994
    Sandbox model design and execution for listric fault systems, material properties testing. Field assistance in Basin and Range, Nevada
    Short-term contract looking at seismic attribute response to the presence of sub-seismic fracturing, attempting to identify attributes likely to show sensitivity to fracture presence and map likely fracture distributions. Worked with commercial dataset supplied by bp.
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  • Parcours scolaire
    1994 - 1997

    Thesis looked at brecciation and reorganisation mechanisms in high fluid pressure fault systems, mainly in thrust systems. A wide ranging thesis covered regional geology, stress modelling, geochemistry of silica gels, thrust evolution, breccia evolution and fracture mechanics.

    1989 - 1991

    General geology degree, specialised in structural geology for independent projects

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