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    Elena Monica
    Elena Monica
    President, Elena Minica, Inc.
    Melbourne, Florida
    LocalitéMelbourne, Florida
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    At Elena Monica, Inc. we have one simple philosophy and that is to "Find Your Joy" and in doing this we strive to bring forth inspiration and joy to those we serve. As a lecturer, educator and an expert in Spiritual Healing, Elena Monica has been...
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    N/C - Courant
    At Elena Monica Inc. we have one simple philosophy and that is to "Find Your Joy" and in doing this we strive to bring forth inspiration and joy to those we serve. As a lecturer, educator and an expert in Spiritual Healing, Elena Monica has been speaking to audiences for over 20 years and continues to spread her wealth of knowledge, expertise and experiences in many areas. To learn more about Elena and her amazing journey in this life toward finding her joy and to see the full scope of what Elena Monica Inc. has to offer, please visit her website ElenaMonica.com.
    2008 - 2010
    Create, plan and oversee all aspects of programming and logistics for Unity's Family Ministry. Elena oversees, coordinates and maintains a Ministry of over 40 children (ages 1 yr. to 18 yrs. old) each week. Unity On The Bay is one of the largest Unity Churches in the Unity movement with a membership of over 2500 current members at present.
    1995 - 1997
    •Created IFARA for the purpose of funding research for alternative types of medicine for HIV/AIDS. •Wrote, submitted and secured approval from the state of Florida as well as the federal government for all documents necessary to create a 501(c) 3 status. •Created a Board of Directors and garnered support from a strong base of over 200 active volunteers. •Spoke to audiences from 5 to 1000 people on the importance of funding for alternative treatments for HIV and AIDS. •Attended and participated in the National Institute of Health’s policy forum in NYC to further efforts of support on the issue of funding for alternative care treatments.
    •Volunteered in the office performing various duties. •Co Chaired, Created and Managed fundraising events which secured over $100,000.00 in funding for the center.
    Promoted HIV awareness by speaking at various events and educational forums.
    Promoted awareness and education in the area of HIV/Aids.
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  • Compétences professionnelles
    •Lecturing and Educating on various long standing and current issues, including HIV/AIDS education, Spiritual Healing, Using Grief as a transformational tool and Drug and Alcohol Education•Working with children to understand Truth principals and the 'God' concept so they can apply it in their own lives •One on one Spiritual Counseling •Grief Coaching/Counseling•Conducting small group seminars•Patient and family end of life stage support
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