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    In both English and Turkish, writing essays, articles, reports and poems; teaching, training and tutoring; young, college and adult education, translating & interpreting; office management, administrative assistance and store operation; customer /...
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    N/C - Courant
    -Intellectual Minds is an individual community project focusing on several issues of humanity, discussing on the possible solutions and exchanging positive ideas and feelings... -Writing articles and essays in my blogs and websites. Working on my book projects. -Online journalist, writer and editor of 'The Voice of American Middle Class', an online journalism project.
    Teaching ESL to the international community members at NYU. Founder of ECC-NYU, English Conversation Club serving the students and employees' spouses at NYU.
    Teaching ESL to the college students, who were English language learners from other countries. Basic subject Conversation English, writing and grammar.
    Supervising and mentoring the New York City public school teachers in TESOL. Introducing the new teaching methodologies and techniques commonly used in the field and supporting their classroom teaching to the English learners.
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    -Writing-Grammar-Speaking-Information literacy -International relations-World History-Poetry-Self Improvement-Emotional Intelligence-Social Intelligence-Multiple Intelligences
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